Fixing the Can’t move ‘.svn/tmp/entries’ to ‘.svn/entries’ error

I’d been having trouble deploying the latest version of a Flex Module due to an SVN error I had never come across before. I was trying to update the svn:externals property with a new URL but once I saved my change I would get the following error in Terminal:

Can’t move ‘.svn/tmp/entries’ to ‘.svn/entries’: Operation not permitted

I tried running an svn cleanup command but no luck. After digging through Google I came across an excellent post (it’s in Spanish) with a command to run that prevents the above error. Basically on the directory I was trying to run the svn propedit svn:externals . command, all I had to was run the following command first: chflags -R nouchg ./

After that I could update the svn:externals property without any errors. The blog post suggests that the issue could be with how Windows changes certain file attributes with later on updating on Mac OSX. Makes sense for me since I develop on Mac while the developer who originally made changes to the working copy is on Windows.

Also I want to note that I’ve noticed others were getting the same error but instead of it saying “Operation not permitted” it would say “Permission denied” which I myself have not come across. I’m not sure if the same command will solve that problem.