Safari 5: Another Step Towards Better Reading On The Web

Today, Apple announced a new version of their flagship Web browser, Safari. Among the features highlighted is Safari Reader. In essence, the Reader feature transforms a Web page into a single “clutter free page.”

We couldn’t be more excited about the path Apple has taken. Our own Readability led the way by empowering users and hinting to content creators that the experience around Web content is poor and oftentimes painful.

reader For us, the most exciting aspect of the announcement is that content display is being addressed on the Web. While content packaged “apps” litter Apple’s own iTunes app store with the promise of a better reading experience, it’s great to see the Web get its due attention.

Content on the Web can be all the things we’re looking for: an enjoyable clutter-free reading experience coupled with the unmatched capacity to touch and share content that only the Web can deliver. We’re thrilled that Apple has taken Safari in this direction. We’d love to see the other leading browsers along with publishers and content creators continue to improve how Web-delivered content is displayed and consumed.

It’s high time we fixed the reading experience…right on the Web.

Update: We’ve since discovered that Safari’s “Reader” feature is, in fact, based upon our own Readability.